Dean’s message

Fadime Üney Yüksektepe

Dear Students,
Istanbul Kültür University Faculty of Engineering carries out its education, training and research activities with the awareness of being a leading institution in the society. Our students are trained as engineers who have gained the competencies expected by the industry with the current compulsory courses in our education plans as well as the rich elective courses. Emphasis is placed on applied education by using up-to-date equipment and software in the equipped laboratories of our faculty.
Technical trips are organized to various companies and factories every year so that our students can observe the technical knowledge they have acquired in real-life systems while they are still at university. In addition, thanks to activities such as seminars, symposiums and career days organized by the student clubs of the students of our faculty, our students have the opportunity to meet with professionals from different sectors and gain the ability to organize organizations. In addition, students have the opportunity to make presentations at national and international conferences, as well as participate in various competitions and receive awards, with graduation projects carried out in the last year with a supervisor.

Istanbul Kültür University Faculty of Engineering also attaches importance to benefiting from Erasmus+ programs and in this context, it encourages its students to study for one/two semesters at contracted universities and to do internships abroad. Our successful students also have the opportunity to do double major and minor programs with other departments in our university.

The academic staff of the Faculty of Engineering at Istanbul Kültür University consists of distinguished scientists who are well-known in their fields, who provide education, training and research at current and international standards. Istanbul Kültür University Faculty of Engineering produces joint projects with universities, public and private institutions and industrial organizations in Turkey and abroad, and takes care to contribute to the social welfare of our country and scientific and technological advances in the world.

Engineering Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation Association (MÜDEK) evaluates the course plans, academic staff, research activities, teaching processes and physical infrastructures of various engineering education programs in our country for accreditation purposes. The Department of Industrial Engineering and the Department of Computer Engineering passed this evaluation in 2014 and were entitled to receive accreditation. Departments of Civil Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering made their accreditation applications in 2021.
While expressing proudly that in the twenty-fifth year of the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering of Istanbul Kültür University, our graduates continue their professional lives as competent professionals sought in their fields, I would like to thank all our academics, administrative staff, and especially our students with whom we boast with their hardworking, resourceful, rational and contemporary structures.
Prof.Dr. Fadime Üney YÜKSEKTEPE
Dean of Istanbul Kültür University Faculty of Engineering